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Furniture made by a team of experienced professionals using latest, innovative technology all with environment in mind.

DEFRA is a brand of Deftrans company – a leading producer of bathroom and kitchen furniture. Our team of over 600 people consists of only most professional specialists and highly qualified workers for whom setting furniture trends and implementing new techiques and technologies is not just a job but a true passion.

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Our company uses only verified components acquired from renowned producers and thanks to our highly experienced designers using innovative production methods we create highest-quality furniture that’s refined down to the most minute detail.

Our products are covered both internally and externally in the newest generation of quality lacquers. Thanks to that they display exceptional durability as well as moisture resistance. After all we want our furniture to stay in your bathroom as long as possible.



We want the environment we live in to be fashionable, full of positive energy and, above all, tailored to our own needs – we know that a visual aspect is an inseparable part of that experience. When it comes to the bathroom furniture however there are more nuances than just the look. How resistant the piece is to the moisture or how well does it fit into often compact spaces are just a couple of examples of such variables.


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