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Defra means the bathroom furniture that impresses with its quality and unique design. Created with passion for beauty and a sense of responsibility for nature.

DEFRA is a brand of Deftrans company – a leading producer of bathroom and kitchen furniture. Our team of over 600 people consists of only most professional specialists and highly qualified workers for whom setting furniture trends and implementing new techiques and technologies is not just a job but a true passion.

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The bathroom is a sanctuary for relaxation and unwind, and it’s a well-known fact that we experience much greater comfort in aesthetically pleasing interiors. The appropriate arrangement of this space has a huge impact on well-being, because after all, the day begins and ends in the bathroom. Creating beautiful and functional bathrooms that stand the test of time is our mission, and we dedicate all our efforts and work philosophy to accomplish it.

When producing Defra furniture, we focus on interesting and timeless design. We devote a lot of attention to details, as they are what make the interior unique. Our belief is that beauty lies in simple things that just need to be given the right form. Hence, we select minimalist design and incorporate intricately crafted milling, visually appealing handles, or decorative grooves. These elements make even the simplest furniture gain a unique character.



Quality goes hand in hand with design, because beautiful furniture is made of good components. Thanks to them, we create durable and timeless solutions. Defra furniture will stand the test of time and will please its owners for many years, which is also important for ecological reasons.


Intriguing design and excellent quality are two of the three distinguishing features of our furniture. The third one is functionality. Defra brand collections are precisely thought out and carefully designed furniture that can be flexibly adjusted to your own needs and interior dimensions. These are ergonomic furniture items designed to make everyday use of the bathroom easier, solve storage issues, and ensure effortless maintenance. The use of carefully chosen components and advanced technologies guarantees a high standard throughout the entire lifespan of the bathroom.


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