24 February 2023
Agglomerate countertop – the best for the bathroom

Agglomerate is a material that is very popular for countertops. No wonder – it is durable, moisture-resistant and easy to clean. What exactly is it and why should it be used in the bathroom? Read on for an explanation.


Agglomerate is similar in properties to natural stone. It is even said, not without a reason, to be its cheaper and more versatile replacement. This is because the material mainly consists of powdered stone mixed with synthetic resin. A countertop made of agglomerate is therefore durable and robust, while retaining a certain flexibility that makes it much harder to chip or damage than natural stone. Its high resistance to scratching and discolouration makes it one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops today.

The offer of the DEFRA brand includes HI-MACS® and Foria conglomerate worktops.


The excellent performance qualities of agglomerate make it ideal for use in bathrooms. There is a wide range of agglomerate countertops on the market, which will vary in design and the type of components used. Of the many possible options, the high-quality HI-MACS® acrylic stone is worth considering. It is the latest generation of material produced by LG, the world leader in the polymer plastics segment. Its production process meets the ecological standards we require and the highest quality standards. The Defra Minerals countertops available are made precisely from HI-MACS® acrylic stone. Their surface is perfectly smooth, easy to clean and has bacteriostatic properties. Acrylic stone does not absorb moisture or stains, so the countertops remain unchanged and beautiful for many years.

Defra Minerals countertops are available in a range of sizes and two timeless shades – light Chiara Blanco, dark Etna Black, loght FORIA blanco, dark FORIA negro. Their surface resembles raw rock, making them look extremely elegant. Despite being only a few millimetres thick, they retain excellent resistance properties. Compared to natural stone, they are lighter and warmer to the touch. It is also worth mentioning that if damage or scratches occur, an acrylic stone countertop can be repaired using a special resin. With natural raw material, this is definitely more difficult. It should also not be forgotten that even the most durable natural stone requires regular impregnation in the face of harsh bathroom conditions.