3 January 2023
Defra MO-RE: one furniture collection, even more design possibilities

A functional, comfortable and fashionable space is a space tailored to the user. Not only designers know this, but increasingly clients themselves are also looking for unique and customised solutions. Personalisation of interiors is no longer a passing trend, but rather the way we approach design. Based on this, the Defra brand has created the new, fully modular MO-RE collection. This series will enable you to create countless sets and configurations yourself, giving your bathroom an original and even more personal dimension.

More opportunities

MO-RE, or “more”, is the motto of the new collection. Its main distinguishing feature is the possibility of almost complete personalisation of the development and adapting it no longer only to specific spatial conditions, but also to the customer’s taste and individual preferences. The MO-RE collection allows you to furnish a truly personal and unique bathroom, as it is not the manufacturer but the designer or the user himself who decides on its final shape. How is this possible? All the modules of the collection have been designed so that they can be combined to form a coherent and stylish whole. There is a choice of cabinets in different sizes and variants (cabinets with doors or drawers, posts, cabinets integrated with a laundry basket) shelves in the form of open cubbies, conglomerate and laminate worktops and dedicated countertop and furniture washbasins. The arrangement is complemented by stylish handles and rounded mirrors in square, rectangular and integrated mirror cabinets.

More style

The MO-RE series will find its way perfectly into many spaces and arrangements. This is made possible by offering several different sizes of furniture and not one, but two types of fronts to choose from. In the first version, the fronts are finished with a subtle milling, which refers to the classic style. The TWIG handles dedicated to them are available in a single or two-point version, in three colour options: chrome, black matt or gold gloss. Depending on your preference, they can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Combined with a geometric mill, TWIG handles create an arrangement inspired by the traditional style with a large dose of modernity.

In the second style variant, completely plain fronts with through-milled handles are available. In this edition, the development acquires a streamlined and minimalist expression, focusing all our attention on the body and its functionality. The furniture with smooth fronts has a subtle and casual look, which makes it suitable for many styles: from modern and ascetic to a gentle Scandinavian style. 

The MO-RE collection is available in three colour options: matte white, matte black and in a striking bodega orange. Depending on your preference, you can opt for one shade or combine several to create a multi-coloured arrangement.

More functionality

Furniture from the MO-RE collection offers a range of functional solutions. The top drawers in the under-counter cabinets, with DefraMax construction, are designed to conceal the siphon without restricting storage space. They feature the DefraSoftClose silent closing system, metal sides and sturdy slides with a load capacity of up to 25 kg, which allow full extension of the drawer and easy access to the inside. An advantage of the entire MO-RE collection is also the internal lacquering of the furniture fronts, which protects them from discolouration and moisture also on the inside. Thanks to the use of high-quality components, the furniture in the MO-RE collection will last for many years without needing to be replaced. If the user’s needs change in the meantime, the building can easily be modified or supplemented with new elements.