12 April 2024
Elegant bathroom with black furniture

Among the latest bathroom trends, black furniture stands out as a symbol of elegance, luxury and timeless design. What are the advantages of this trend and why is it a worthwhile investment in this specific colour palette? Let’s discover together how black furniture can change the look and atmosphere of the bathroom.

First of all, let us point out that the common belief that black is a colour reserved only for large and bright spaces is a myth. Yes, too much of it can be overwhelming, but even in small bathrooms, the black shade will create a beautiful and stylish arrangement if used skilfully. Black bathroom furniture will therefore be a safe and universal solution for many arrangement styles.

Loft-style bathroom

An inherent element of the loft style is the use of raw, unrefined materials. Black furniture fits perfectly into this aesthetic, creates a contrast with the raw finish and builds harmony between elegance and industrial character. So if we want to slightly soften the loft-like atmosphere of the bathroom, black furniture will be perfect for this and will introduce some unexpected luxury to the seemingly ascetic interior.

A timeless contrast

The contrast between black and white represents classic elegance and luxury. The white reflects light, giving a sense of clean and spacious interior, while the black absorbs it, adding depth and distinctiveness to the room. The minimalist black & white tone allows you to play with detail and texture. Fashionable mosaics or ceramic tiles with a textured pattern or unique shape will blend in perfectly in this space. By choosing black furniture in such an interior, we can guarantee that regardless of interior design trends, the bathroom will always look stylish and timeless.

Opulent blend of black and gold

In the wake of the classic style trend, the combination of black and gold has made a comeback in the bathroom. The currently fashionable golden and copper fittings go perfectly with black. This classic combination is worth emphasizing with golden handles on the furniture. In the MO-RE collection, we can create such a combination ourselves by choosing black shapes with golden Twig handles. In this version, the golden handles will become an effective interior decoration and will further enhance the elegance of the black furniture.