12 February 2024
Latest news! FUEGO collection – modern elegance with subtle milling

In 2023, a modern bathroom is one that features diverse structures. Among all them, a strong position is occupied by milling on the fronts of bathroom furniture, which makes the furniture not only a functional element of the interior design, but also an eye-catching decorative motif.

The beauty of simplicity and functionality

Decorative milling of furniture traces its origins back to the modernism era in design. This innovative style, originating in the 1920s, aimed to reject traditional decorations in favour of simplicity and functionality. At that time, elaborate pre-war motifs were replaced by more subtle and geometric patterns. Milling, which involves creating grooves on the surface of furniture, served not only decorative but also practical purposes. The grooved lines emphasized the form of the furniture, giving it a three-dimensional character.

Milling is back in fashion

With the revival of modernist interior design, milling also gained popularity. Nowadays, it takes the form of geometric patterns and harmonious lines, adding variety to minimalist designs. When used in the bathroom, it will gain chic and elegance in the spirit of modern classics. To achieve this effect, it is worth choosing bathroom furniture with decorative fronts. Our brand new FUEGO collection will be just a perfect fit here. Thanks to vertical milling, the shapes from the collection look stylish and original, breaking the convention of smooth bathroom furniture.

Both the sides and fronts of the cabinets from the FUEGO collection are protected with the DefraUVProtect coating, which perfectly protects the furniture against moisture. Drawers with reinforced, metal sides ensure full extension and easy access to stored accessories, while the soft-close system enhances daily comfort of using furniture. The possibility of choosing geometric legs and spot handles in three colours allows for playing with style, especially since the furniture comes in two timeless shades – classic white and trendy black.